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Big Man on Campus

The York University Magazine Summer 2018

Painstakingly carved from a 51,500-pound piece of raw Stanstead granite over a two-year period, the commissioned artwork depicts Ahqahizu, a mythical soccer player aiming to shoot a bronze walrus head into the net of the northern lights.

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A delicate balance struck to create Inuit sculpture at York University – June 2016

A sculpture of an Inuit soccer player with silver eyes and holding a bronze walrus skull for a ball was unveiled National Aboriginal Day at York Lions Stadium in Toronto.
The soccer player was carved out of a 26-tonne rock, is poised in an Alaskan high-kick position, and is meant to be inspiration to athletes and spectators who will attend the North American Indigenous Games at York University next summer.

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Canada gives an Inukshuk to India

CBC News Feb. 2014


An Inukshuk …  in New Delhi as a symbol of the friendship and co-operation shared between Canada and India.

Bill Nasogaluak, originally from Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T., and Kuzy Curley, originally from Cape Dorset, Nunavut, were commissioned to create the piece.

“I’m proud of what my people, my culture, the Inuit, have done to make the Inukshuk a symbol of Canada,” said Nasogaluak. “I hope that it will become in India the symbol of who we are, not only as Inuit, but Canadians.”

The Inukshuk is 2.5 metres high and 1.5 metres wide, and is made up of eight massive stones.

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Young Inuit craftsmen carving past into present as North’s future unfolds

Globe & Mail July 2006


Here, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, you will find Koomuatuk Curley, 20, listening to hip-hop on his iPod as he works with various electric tools.

He is doing traditional Inuit carving.

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